Built it and they didn’t come?
Don’t panic! We can change it for the better in a heartbeat…

Do you have an online course that’s gathering digital dust or acting like a lazy teenager not contributing or helping out in any way? Then this program is exactly what you’re looking for. And I promise you can afford it (but more on that later).
I mentioned on my Successful Online Course sales page that I sold a few seats on my blogging course only to discover I’d sold everyone 30-course banquet when what they wanted was lunch. Ouch! So I fixed that problem only to discover another one… I needed to sell more courses.
I felt despondent – looking at the detailed launches that happened every day online paralysed me with fear. Shouldn’t my course sell naturally?  
And when you have everything in aligned, they do sell naturally. But, being an ambivert (I flit from moments of extroversion to spending 3 months in my shell just to recover from those moments…) I knew I had to make marketing my online courses work for me, and my personality.
I don’t know if you feel the same way, but those course sales pages with the red pens, yellow highlighter and ginormous claims scared the living daylights out of me. They still do. I realised that I didn’t have to fall for this hype-over-hope marketing method. I can just talk to my prospective course-takers like the human beings that they are.
If this sounds like the sort of person that you are, then you’re going to love this program. You’re smart enough to know nothing grows in the comfort zone, but you’re not okay bungy-jumping out of it without checking the rope is okay and there’s a good safety net.
The Launch and Market Your Course Program shows you the steps to launching your online course successfully without bankrupting your business or having to sell a kidney to get results. 
In fact, you’re going to create your launch, your way with the Launch and Market Your Course Program.
Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Introduction – Why Every Product Needs a Launch Process
We’ll start out by showing you how effective launch planning will help you maximize sales, reduce stress, and avoid costly mistakes and technology problems. You’ll find out why most product launches fail and how you can make sure yours is a big success.

Steps for Success in the Product Pre-Launch Phase

Next, you’ll discover the steps you need to take in your ‘pre-launch’ phase of the launch process. These are the actions that will ensure you get immediate sales, meet your timelines, and get your customers into a ‘buying mindset’ BEFORE you go live and start accepting orders. These are also the critical planning tasks that guarantee your sanity during the launch itself!

The Product Launch Phase

In Module 3, you’ll dive into the actual launch phase, when your cart or doors open and you begin making sales. You’ll find out the success factors for a smooth and efficient launch, and also what it takes to maintain and build excitement that leads to greater sales.

Post Launch Priorities

Once your launch time ends, your activity isn’t quite finished and you’ll love the reasons why... In Module 4, you’ll uncover the strategies that contribute to repeat sales, customer loyalty, and the increased success of future launches. Remember what I said earlier about alignment – that’s all here in this module.

Basic Product Launch Project Management 101

Every profitable launch relies on good organization skills. In Module 5, you’ll explore the best practices for managing your product launch, so that everything runs seamlessly, your customers are well taken care of, and no little detail is forgotten. Plus I’ll give you a spreadsheet to keep track of it all!

Then You’ll Create Your Own Launch Strategy

By this stage you’ll have learned all key tasks for every phase of your course launch process and you’ll started planning your next launch. In the concluding module, you’ll spend time putting together your final action plan. You’ll get more tips for effective launches, and you’ll identify your next steps for ensuring you have the perfect launch formula for you that you can use over and over again.

That’s 6 video modules, a course book, an action guide and resources checklist. If you wanted to do complete the entire program in a day you could. Most people find doing a module every other day makes it more manageable for them. Maybe you’re the same?
Now I mentioned earlier that you can afford this online program.
You can, because it’s a pay what you want program. I trust that you’re open-minded and that you’re a decent human being. Most people pay over £100 for this program and in the past, I’ve delivered it live and charged in excess of £1000 per person.

The Launch and Market Your Online Course program changes lives. Imagine in a years’ time that lockdown has ended, but you’re still working from home and loving the time you have with your family. That you can go out and have fun with your friends and it’s all because you’ve mastered how to Launch and Marketing Your Online Course. 

Having a course adds extra revenue streams to your business. And knowing how to market it for results will make all the difference to your lifestyle.

Plus Bonuses! 

Affiliate Recruitment Guide worth £25, this PDF digs deep into recruiting affiliates to help you grow.
Plus, 90 days of Content Inspiration Trello Board £27 so you can plan all your social media content in minutes, even when you have no ideas!
And out final bonus is the Insta-Ads Kit consisting of a guidebook, checklist and audience targeting worksheet so you can easily use Instagram as part of your online course launch worth £47

So that’s £99 worth of bonuses to enhance your course launch!
Click the box, type in the amount you can afford and press the button. You’ll be directed to the enrol page and you can start right away.

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